Beatlefication as the NEW gamification

Gradually becoming " the games guy" in my company has great things (like the opportunity to share ideas and laughs with CIEM people the other day ) and awkward things… like the opposition of the so called " immediate experts " , always ready to review the effectiveness of any trend or new idea usually showing utter disdain for objectivity and data, and throwing opinions ranging from the derogatory approach to the “I told you so” topic.

As you can imagine, my proposals for the gamification of certain internal processes are falling on the deaf ears  ("Yeah, great. We’ll think it over for at least a few more rounds"). Some weeks ago I decided to check if people refuse the playfulness attitude as a whole, for an enhanced decision making process… or if it’s just the term "game" which is rejected in the professional context.

So I wanted to check the next hypothesis:

Some people naturally reject those proposals for action grounded on the term "game”, but are willing to accept other alternative arguments, even if they’re based on less scientific grounds.

So this week I've been trying to evangelize using a brand-new-fun trend called " Beatlefication".

Beatlefication: Elige unos versos

Beatlefication : Choose a verse
 What is Beatlefication? As you, intelligent reader, could guess. Beatlefication  is the use of Beatle’s lyrics in contexts unrelated with the British group.

How to apply it in your organization?
Over the past week , the author made ​​decisions based explicitly on lyrics extracted from songs written by The Beatles, trying to prove that the proximity and social acceptability of the group and their lyrics would make the decisions more acceptable.

Twice a day (Morning and afternoon).

Practical examples [ I have hidden names on purpose]

After repeated attempts of one colleague to lure me into the discussion of a problem that both had neither authority nor knowledge to solve…
- Let it be, sooner or later we will have an answer. As the Beatles say "There will come an answer , let it be"

Facing someone tearing their hair out because some decision had been taken without their approval...
- You're right , sometimes people do not realize who is affected by this. As the Beatles say ... "Living is easy with eyes closed" [And after that the person keep silent throughout the rest of the meeting ]

When you came across THAT person who never say hello:
- Sing out loud : " I do not know why you say good- bye , I say hello ."

When someone ask you for a task you haven’t had it finished (yet):
- Today is… WHAAAT? OMG!!! Forgive me ! But, as the Beatles say ... " Yesterdaaay , all my troubles seemed so far awaaay " [ This gives you one more week, at least]

[Pro tip: You can get bonus points if you make the other sing along with you]

In addition to lyrics, I recommend the use of these faces ...

I used the technique eleven times. Eight people accepted the verse as a perfectly valid argument. Therefore, I conclude that people are willing to accept much less scientific "arguments"  if they are familiar to them (or to their culture).

What I learned with this fun little experiment is that it is not important if we call a term "gamification” or “Beatleficación" The important thing is that people have a natural tendency to tune in and be persuaded by things that are playful, funny or familiar. Even if they’re not efficient, objective... or even reasonable.

Let's focus on helping enhance life experience and understanding in others. Let's make life a little more fun and epic.

Future research
I challenge you to try it in your organisation, using quotes from your favorite bands or movies (Les Luthiers, Colbert Report… why not?) and make everyone play the experience. I assure you one hell of a cognitive challenge ... and a good time!

It worked 100 % of the time I used it in the evenings ... Are people more tired more predisposed to arguments with a playful component? I will continue my investigation...

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